Our Studio

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From day one the work of Chinnoe Vlemmix was noticed. With only a handful of works in their collection, Gallery Villa del'Art recognised the esthetic beauty, individuality and quality. They presented their early works at art fairs in New York, Singapore and London.

In 2015 Marc and Rosan decided to permanently set up their own studio in Rotterdam, where they could work and present their creations. It is located in one of the most creative areas of Rotterdam, in one of the arches under a former railway line; Station Hofplein. It is a quiet place in the middle of a hectic city where you can visit and personally see the work and get a glimpse of their creative process. Their own space exudes the peace and serenity of their photoswhich is anatmosphere that appeals to many people. The space if more and more used for inspirational sessions, gatherings and drinks.

Please contact us for more information about options and prices.