ABOUT the artists


Only one eye at a time can look through the eye of the lense. Maybe that's why an artist duo in photography is quite rare. When Rosan and Marc work together the outcome is more than the sum of its parts, and this is what identifies their work. Rosan is the master of light in the work. He observes shadows on a face and defines light and dark.

For Marc the natural shapes and colors of the flowers are the inspiration for the unique compositions. They know how to challenge each other. They are not only partners in art but share their daily life together. Their connectedness has been further strengthened since Marc was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease at the age of 37, which changed their perspective. Rosan decided to end his career working for companies such as Unilever and Hunkelmöller to start this new chapter together with Marc. In addition, they set up the foundation Dance for Health that strives to improve quality of life through dance, especially for people with Parkinson's disease.  

Their shared story is about (im)perfection, transformation and love. Marc and Rosan strive to change the negative into the positive and to transform a problem into a positive solutions. These Limitations create endless possibilities. With dance focused on health and with photography focused on beauty, they hope to contribute together a more beautiful world.