ABOUT the work


Flower-filled still life paintings from the Dutch Golden Age area part of Netherlands collective memory. This Dutch heritage is given a modern twist by Chinnoe & Vlemmix. Their work breathes space and serenity and is rich in its simplicity. For more than five years the flower is the central object in their work. With natural lines of tulips in the collection Spring Affair and a hydrangea in disguise in collection 'Blauw'. Chinnoe & Vlemmix create their own world through hyperreality with a bit of surrealism. Everything you see is real, but will never be seen that way in real life. At first glance you look at a perfectly arranged flower still life, to discover a blink later that the image is too perfect to be true. Their signature is aflat two-dimensional work, where each flower has its own space. The sublime use of light creates depth, that will pull you intothe work.

Chinnoe & Vlemmix developed a unique style in which each work consists of several photographs. During a photoshoot they visualize the final image in their heads. Thereafter every single leave and flower is photographed with the correct lighting to translate their concept into reality. On the spot they extend branches with tape, add leaves and flowers which are placed with pins on a branch, and carefully attatch butterflies on a stick to let them fly through the image. In the search for perfection, balance and the right tension, a photoshoot can take up to fifteen hours. In the final image every single centimeter is totally sharpusing as many as thirty photographs which are composited into one complete picture. This final process can take an additional forty hours to finish. Chinnoe & Vlemmix master both literal and digital craftsmanship.

The final image raises the question: Is it a painting or a photograph?